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Top-Notch Offshore Outsourcing Agency

* We are Energy Broker for top 16 UK Energy Suppliers and Authorised Dealers for top USA and Canada Telecom Companies.

We are in Top 5 Recruitors in Health Care Sector of UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Call Center

Cold calling, Lead Generation, Surveys, Virtual Receptionist, Customer Services.

Software House

Web Development, App Development, SEO, Website Quality Chcek.


Recruitment of Nurses and Health Care Assistants in UK, USA, Canada, Australia.

Back Office

Email Response Handeling, Cost Estimation, Virtual Back Office, Data Verification.


We use following programs on daily basis.

Our Business Development Team works Worldwide.

We travel country to country to meet our new clients. Our country heads are ensouring State Of the Art Quality with Low Price. The reason is simple , we are the market leaders in off shore industry. Our Business Development department in UK is principled by Mr. Zubair Ahmed Rana, USA Country Head Mrs. Patricia Butcher and Mr. M Imran Khan in Pakistan.

Niazi Solutions Limited Since 2003

Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

Offering Uniquely Different Call Center Services.

Our Net Worth : USD 1.3 B 

Your customers expect the best. That’s why we hire the best .
Who we are is a team of like-minded customer service professionals. Niazo Solutions specializes in knowing your brand and serving your customers with pride, experience and excellence. Your customers are in good hands with Niazi Solutions.


Customer service is the most important aspect for any company. By outsourcing this important department to Niazi Solutions ’ customer service teams, our clients can be assured, of customer satisfaction with quality


Marketing is an essential part of a product`s success and can be, done through various different ways. It can often become an extremely time consuming and costly activity.


In any office, the receptionist is the first point of contact. A smiling face and cheerful personality help in establishing a long lasting bond between the customer and the organization.


Many tasks can, be handled without any fuss via, telephone and without the need to physically go anywhere. With bespoke training and product knowledge,


Large organizations often require dedicated teams to carry out various surveys for a variety of purposes. We can carry out studies and researches and help you analyze and measure trends


There are many places where the need to have back office support is vital. NIAZI Solutions ® ’ Back Office Support skills provide clients the flexibility to pick, and choose the methodologies, complete outsourcing service center processing.


Order Taking services from Excel Pak allows your company to be open for business 24 hours a day. Our friendly, professional call centre representatives are always available to take your orders, helping you grow your business and retain your customer loyalty.


There are many places, where an emergency response is required as valuable assets can be lost through lack of professional handling. Utilizing, our highly equipped facility, you can ensure 100% availability, 0% downtime and avoid losing important assets


Medical transcription includes transformation of information from audio to text format for easy storage and documentation. We can lower the costs of this transformation and data storage to ensure that all sensitive information is protected


Niazi Solutions provides professional website design, development, and on-going maintenance services. We love to help small business establish their brand and improve their web presence.


Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that is designed to promote your business online. Just like the best of the books can lie on the bookshelves of famous bookstores and become a victim of dust and worms year after year.


Niazi Solutions is an IT enabled services provider. We specialize in providing back office services ranging from data entry, virtual assistant, equity research, to data modeling. NS is also involved in web-based application development.


Email Response services from Excel Pak gives your company a competitive edge by supporting your customers in completing sales and service processes 24 hours a day via multiple communication channels


Live Chat services from Excel Pak gives your company a competitive edge by supporting your customers online and helping them 24 hours a day. Our friendly, professional online customer support staff is always available.


Information verification is a vital component of our outbound call center services. We at Niazi Solutions strive to provide all-in-one services for verifying information related to customers, clients or individuals through speech-enabled, live agent, and online third party verification procedures


Capturing of authentic data helps businesses to develop strong sales pipelines, simplify workflow, reduce overhead, maximize lead generation, and improves employee retention rate, among many other benefits. If you want to accelerate your learning curve, then consider outsourcing powerful third party verification services to Niazi Solutions.


Debt collection is a professional solution for commercial and consumer debt collection. It can also be referred as a legitimate business process during which creditors meant to secure due payments from the consumers for which they are legally bound to pay or repay.

Technical Support

Technical Support can be taken for hardware, software, applications or for any particular matter where you can afford a full time IT Speciallest. We can charge lumsum a small amount per month for all types of Technical Support.

States : Niazi Solutions Limited

High Quality, Low Profit margin is a simple formula for successful business.

Projects in Hand

happy clients

17 Years of Success : Our Work Culture

We work Hard and we  party Harder thats why
we are Trusted and interested by 
 Google Partners.

People wish to join us we offer free food, free holiday trips worldwise, Free Pick and drop, Sales Commissions, Huge Basic Salary, Games rooms and many other incentices. We know when employs are happy, clients are happy, we earn more money, we enjoy the way we work.


We are Energy Brokers ( UK – Gas Electric )

Niazi Solutions specializes in utility cost reduction and services optimisation for business customers. We search and compare all the UK suppliers to meet your business needs at lowest possible costs.

British Gas

One of the Top 6 Energy Supplier in Whole UK. British Gas is an energy and home services provider in the United Kingdom.

EON Energy

E.ON SE is a German electric utility company based in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It runs one of the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility service roviders

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is an integrated energy company in the United Kingdom, with operations spanning electricity generation and the sale of gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom

Opus Energy

Opus Energy Limited supplies gas and electricity to businesses across the United Kingdom. It purchases electricity from wind, solar, hydro, and anaerobic digestion generators.

N Power

Npower Limited is an electricity generator and supplier of gas and electricity to homes and businesses which is based in the United Kingdom, formerly known as Innogy plc.


SSE plc is an energy company headquartered in Perth, Scotland. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. SSE operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Dual Energy

A leading electricity provider in smart meter technology, providing thousands of UK businesses with free smart meters, accurate billing and competitive supply

Scottish Power

Scottish Power is a vertically integrated energy company based in Glasgow, Scotland. It is a subsidiary of Spanish utility Iberdrola. 


Gazprom is a multinational energy corporation headquartered in the Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia. As of 2019, with sales over USD$120 billion,


CNG Says : In other words, we don’t just supply energy, we give you power too. Control your business energy. Everything you need to manage your account is right here

Total Power

Total Gas & Power is one of the leading energy suppliers to industrial, commercial and business customers within the UK.


Utilita is a UK energy supplier. It is one of the largest UK energy suppliers, by market share, outside of the Big Six. As of August 2019

Clear Business

Clear Business provides business services for UK SMEs, with cost effective essential Business Services, including Water, Energy and Telecoms.

Ovo Energy

We help smart and innovative organisations tackle three of the most complex social problems of our time: energy access, youth poverty and educational inequality.


YGP are one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, and not only within the energy sector. This is down to our ability to make …….


Crown-Power & Equipment is an Agriculture, Construction, and Lawn & Garden equipment dealership. Missouri proud, with ten locations, stretching across Missouri.

Dong Energy

The Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted develops, constructs and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities,


Corona Energy is a leading independent energy supplier with over 20 years’ experience servicing UK businesses.

USA, Canada Since 2003

We have been Authorised Dealers for Bell Canada 2003- 2011.
Brokers for Rogers Waireless, Telus, T Mobile, AT&T and many more

The Secret of Success

About 300 expert telemarketers, 20 professional versifiers, 30 Supervisors, 5 Floor Managers, 2 Manager Operations, 4 Business Development Managers, Expert and experienced 10 Quality Control Analyst;

Quality Customer Service

Our experts are highly trained in customer service best practices and are ready to put their expertise to work for your unique programs.

Reduce Costs

By outsourcing your call center, you can cut costs on facilities, equipment, and training, while reducing wasted resources due to idle reps.

Quality Control

Call quality and first-call resolution is our top priority. With thorough call monitoring tools and services, we can ensure we are consistently meeting quality goals.


Many of the industries we work with have complex compliance rules. You can rest assured that our expert agents will remain in compliance with relevant regulations.

Client Testimonials

“Our clients look to us for value-added services beyond typical contact center services. We help them develop their programs because they are in a start-up mode, outsourcing for the first time or in a state of growth or change. They look to us for unique solutions to their situations. Our flexibility and expertise has resulted in partnerships that include call center, trade show and marketing services.”

I highly Recommend,  Niazi Solutions has been a superb backbone and resource in managing our social media, Customer Support & Email Response Handelling. 10/10

Jack Browns


Telemarketing, appointment setting and lead generation for a Cost Estimation company  is not easy, we had faced difficulties in past too however we got a solution now , its Just Niazi Solution.

Sabreena Olive

Johns Construction Company

I was tired changing my energy broker every year. None of them was worthwile, i was pist off, I suddenly received a call from NiAZI Solution, its done, its perfect.

Silva Tora

Silva Tora Limited


Reduced Costs
Flexibility and Scalability
Specialized Industry knowledge
Dedicated “Call Mangers”
Expert Management and Support Staff
Cost Management Tools
Quality Monitoring and Control
Access to Latest Technology
Service 24/7

A few things we’re great at

We work hard to build long lasting win-win relationships with our clients. We are jointly working towards performance, transformation, quality and financially driven objectives. Our partners measure our success in reduced costs, increased revenue and improved customer experience.We work hard to build long lasting win-win relationships with our clients. We are jointly working towards performance, transformation, quality and financially driven objectives. Our partners measure our success in reduced costs, increased revenue and improved customer experience.

Efficiency Through Technology

There are two essential parts to fantastic customer service – a great team, and great technology. Technology pushes the boundaries of what an operational team can achieve. We help clients streamline their processes to create more time in their operators’ days, manage transitions to better customer service software, and provide AI solutions that improve customer experience.

Automated Workflows

We’re experts in routing customers to the best operator for their question. We develop granular routing logic that prioritises your customer’s messages with triggers from their history with you, and the channel they use.We’re experts in routing customers to the best operator for their question. We develop granular routing logic that prioritises your customer’s messages with triggers from their history with you.

Skilled Staff is ready to serve you.

what we earned in last 17 years is Good-Will with Quality work Done on time. Our staff are trained and highly experienced lead generation specialists. They specialize in learning your company’s services and products with the aim of effectively engaging Directors and VP’s on your company’s behalf.

Our Team

Experienced Management You Can TrustExperienced Management You Can Trust

Muhammad Imran Khan

Chairman Board Of Directors

Mr. M Imran Khan has worked 16 successful years in offshore industry. He is Energy Broker of United Kingdom Electric and Gas supplies including British Gas, Scottish Power, Duel Energy, Gazprom and EON. He is also one of the first authorized dealers of Bell Canada, Telus Mobility, Direct TV and Comwave. As Chairman Board of Director Mr. Imran always looking for to increase business.

Ruqia Shamim

Chief Executive Officer

Miss Ruqia Shamim has worked on key positions in world’s top 3 offshore companies. She is owning and controlling a recruitment company in South Asia whose turnover is over 10 millions per year, She has introduced new technology , new ideas socially our projects belonging to united kingdom. She is USA resident working worldwide.

Syed Bilal Latif


BIO Coming Soom

J C Natasha


Point of Sale hardware, the till at a shop check out, has become very complex over the past ten years.

Mr. Ali Abbas


BIO Coming Soom

Julia McClain


BIO Coming Soom

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