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Insurance BPO Services

An Offshore Outsourcing Agency

Insurance BPO is the process by which Insurance companies outsource some back office tasks like data entry, bookkeeping and accounting to third party service providers like BPO companies. Insurers commonly do this to enable them to keep up with the increasing paper works and services they are obliged to process daily.

Today’s Insurance companies encounter many challenges, such as diminishing margins, increasingly strict compliance requirements, evolving customer requirements and the fluctuating economic environment and needs to be flexible. In such a situation, adopting Insurance BPO is the way out for your insurance business to develop a competitive advantage through optimized process efficiencies. Niazi Solutions is an expert IT-BPO service provider that can provide you the means to transform your business operations and ensure growth in tough times.

Niazi Solutions has greater than 16 years of delivering high quality, cost-effective and efficient BPO services that will greatly enhance the performance of your organization. Our Insurance BPO services will help you boost your business efficiency, enhance profitability and promote customer satisfaction while ensuring compliance with insurance regulatory requirements. We are an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company. Our Insurance BPO support services for diverse insurance product carriers includes first party insurance, life insurance, general insurance, car / automobile insurance, health insurance, homeowner insurance and others.

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