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An Offshore Outsourcing Agency

Insurance BPO Services

Insurance BPO is the process by which Insurance companies outsource some back office tasks like data entry, bookkeeping and accounting to third party service providers like BPO companies. Insurers commonly do this to enable them to keep up with the increasing paper works and services they are obliged to process daily. Today’s Insurance companies encounter many challenges, such as diminishing…
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Live Chat Support

Live Chat services from Niazi Solutions gives your company a competitive edge by supporting your customers online and helping them 24 hours a day. Our friendly, professional online customer support staff is always available and ready to answer your customers questions instantly over live chat. Niazi Solutions Advantage™ Answering customer questions instantly over live chat…
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Data Management

Niazi Solutions is the leader Enterprise Data Management with dedicated practices for Cloud, Data Architecture, Data Governance, Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management (MDM), and Reporting and Analytics. This comprehensive expertise sets Excel Pak apart from our competition, whose focus is siloed into only one or two of these areas. Whether you want to…
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Email Support

Email Response services from Niazi Solutions gives your company a competitive edge by supporting your customers in completing sales and service processes 24 hours a day via multiple communication channels. Our friendly, professional online customer support staff is always available and ready to answer your customer’s messages. Niazi Solutions Advantage™ Communicating with your clients how…
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Technical Support

Niazi Solutions Help Desk Call Center is committed to providing first-class, low-frustration customer support experience. Our technical support agents are capable and knowledgeable in all levels of resolution handling. We offer tier 1-3 resolution through the use of the telephone, live chat, email, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Help desk generally refers to a center…
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Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that is designed to promote your business online. Just like the best of the books can lie on the bookshelves of famous bookstores and become a victim of dust and worms year after year, a good website offering the most quality stuff, if not marketed and optimized in the…
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Website Development

Niazi Solutions provides professional website design, development, and on-going maintenance services. We love to help small business establish their brand and improve their web presence. Irrespective of the size of your company, we have the expertise and the creativity to become your trusted partner in your web marketing efforts. Website development is one of our…
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Customer Complaint Handling

When a customer is angry or unhappy with your service, a good inbound call center can help turn them back into a loyal customer. One of the most important things for any company’s success is customer satisfaction. If your customers are pleased and happy with your service, they are more likely to continue making purchases. On the…
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Reminder Calls & Surveys

Reminder Calls & SurveysIn today’s fast-paced, technology-based environment, it is easy to forget an appointment, overlook or miss an email. Adding a personal touch to confirm your client appointments or issue a reminder, ensures that you will be operating at peak efficiency and not lose valuable revenue through no-shows. How often do you receive an…
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Lead Generation

What is lead generation? Lead generation is the marketing process that creates the interest among target audience about a product or service offered by businesses to generate potential sales leads. Lead generation call centers help businesses to build trust among key customers through dedicated, constant, and meaningful communication, so that when the decision-making process starts,…
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