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Amazon Virtual Assistants

An Offshore Outsourcing Agency

We are an Amazon expert and can make 300% profit in a short time of 3 months. We only do FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon. You must have any Limited Company in the UK or USA. When you make Amazon seller accounts please select Target Market (North America). The reason why we should sell in the USA instead of the UK is just USA Market is Bigger.

A Birds Eye View of the Project.

We can purchase products from china (wholesale market) and sell them in the USA on Amazon. The profit is over 200% just because of the four main reasons;

(a) Price Difference between wholesale market and consumer market.

(b) We will purchase products from the Manufacturer at the lowest cost.

(c) Currency Difference between China and USA

(d) We have our own tools to find the hot selling product with sell number of sellers and with a high margin.

We have a team of experts who will first send you the details of the product which will include;

  • The selling price of the product on Amazon
  • Whole Sale Price from China
  • Shipment from China to the USA
  • Amazon Fees
  • Amazon Storage Cost.

We are using customized tools that will show us the names, items sold in a month, monthly revenue, number of sellers, Amazon fees, etc. We can have complete detail of any product.

For Example

We can tell you that the 1000 items of product A, will be purchased @$2/item from china, Shipment fee from China to the USA will be $800 for 1000 teams, these will reach within 25 days, and, will be sold in 30 days @$20/item.

Below is just an idea, in actuality, we will send you details with Amazon’s unique Product ID, the Name of the seller, Prices, and Monthly revenue so you can check by yourself.

Initial Work
initially, we will use tools to get find those products which will be sold quickly, are non-appreciable, and are less in weight and we will avoid breakable or damageable products.

We will find its original wholesale seller; we will start communication with Whole Seller. Normally they give discounts if we purchase more products.

When there will be only a few products, we will have only one agent as your back office, and we will have to add agents once there will be many products.

The agent will manage the whole account, and he will be responsible for the following tasks.

  • The Agent will list the product in your account and will get the brand approval from Amazon.
  • Customers will ask questions before purchase, questions about a product, then the agent will be answering every message on Amazon, whether it’s regarding a product or not.
  • There will be different kinds of alerts from Amazon, regarding invoicing, claims, and complaints, Amazon may ask that there is an issue with the product; we can explain that the seller is verified and it’s delivered to the customers through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). The agent will clear all concerns. It’s 24/7 job.
  • Our own sales invoicing and Amazon can also ask for the invoices issued to us by our whole seller.
  • Approval of Invoices from the seller to Amazon.
  • Brand Approval and communication with brands
  • Confirmation of UPC Bar Code of the Product on every item.
  • Amazon store accepts certain packing.
  • Delivery Schedules, if a customer has ordered a few days ago and did not receive the product, the customer is continuously asking about the delivery, and the agent will notify Amazon that the delivery has been late.
  • Complaints and Claims management (anything after delivery from the customer)
  • Pricing, This is again important, for example, if there are 3 sellers, Selling at $30, or $32 and we are selling it at $31. We will price at $30.99 and we will make changes according to our tools that what keywords are being searched by the customers to find this product.
  • Important: If the other two Sellers are out of stock, we will increase the price of the product until and unless the other sellers are in stock because this will be the lucky time for us.
  • Maintaining the Stock Inventory: If we are the top seller of any product, it will be our priority to never be out of stock for that product. As if we will have just 10 to 15 items in stock, the second seller to us can buy all of our products to get us out of stock, it will be a win-win situation as we will sell all items in a row at the same time, but we will try to avoid this situation.
  • Edit Product Listing, we will keep an eye on listing every day and can improve or change according to the customer’s thinking. Just like in SEO.
  • The agent will reply to all feedback and reviews of the customers, we will be in it will be hundreds of replies daily.

All operations work will be our responsibility.

Your responsibility will be to invest in the products and to pay Amazon’s monthly fee for your account. We have all tools which will check the hot selling product; we know how to sell all quantities in a month’s time.

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